Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Report

Quick Overview
It was a very busy week for me personally. Instead of giving you a breakdown of what each child did, here is a quick overview. We went over military techniques and the Roman Government. In science we went over volcanoes and earthquakes.
BOB Books
Big news this week is that Cameron started reading books! We love Bob books. I finally went to Barnes and Noble to pick up the first set, which I had lost. As soon as the kids saw the books, Jonathan ran and got the "lost" pack. I had combined it and it was in the second set's box. All my weeks of looking! Now I get to make another trip to Barnes and Noble!
Schedule woes
I really like how the new schedule is working out, but truthfully, with all the work I've been doing, I've been staying up late and then sleeping in. My body is crying for me to go workout. I haven't been getting the kids up early to exercise and they've been grumpy, especially Robert. I stopped school one day for him to get up and jump rope. I am also having a hard time fitting in school for Cameron. I am going to work on a few different ideas this week.
Little House
Something else new I started - I read aloud to the kids, but the books bore Cameron. At night, instead of reading her picture books, I started reading Little House on the Prairie. Her imagination has taken off! She jabbers the whole time I am reading about ideas that pop into her head, and we are working on her attention span during this time. I am incorporating science into it also, through situations in the book. I did a unit study of the Little House books when Raeley was in 1st and 2nd grade and it was lots of fun.

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