Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Report

We had a great week, getting back into the swing of things from the holiday season. We did a lot of review this week, but in History we covered the Roman government and military stratagies. In Science we covered the contributions the Romans made to the world, taking the ideas of other countries and improving thier application to society.
Raeley is studying for Mathcounts and learned the Pythagorean theorum and other challenging things I have no idea about. It coincided that this week she also learned it in her regular math work. She also covered solving equations using the "pemdas" order. She remembers it by Paraolympic Expert My Dear Aunt Suzy. Robert is using protractors and Jonathan is working on long division and reducing fractions. He asked me this week "Mom, how come when you teach me math I get all confused, but Mrs. Farmer makes everything clear?" Hmmm! Raeley may start teaching him math.
Raeley is studying for her adjectives test, Robert had a test on nouns, and Jonathan is working on adjectives and adverbs. We also went over encyclopedia skills. Raeley started writing a paper on Julius Ceasar and Robert and Jonathan wrote a paragraph comparing and contrasting two characters from our read aloud book, The Bronze Bow. The kids really like this book.

This is a picture of Jonathan racing to find info in an encyclopedia. OK, so it was posed, because if he was racing, he wouldn't stop to smile at the camera!

I know this is our first week back this semester, and we are already making changes! We are starting something new on Fridays. It is going to be more of a review/game day until mid February, when Co-op classes start. Thursday morning we are also adding an art class by Mrs. Farmer. For those of you who are not familiar with homeschool jargon, co-op classes are when moms get together to teach classes. I'll be teaching writing.

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