Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just an update....

Since it has been so long since I have posted, I thought I would give everyone a brief overview of our last couple of months:

Since school began with the kids, I have been pushed to my limits quite honestly. We started a new program at one of our clubs that I ended up taking over (which is doing quite well and has already expanded), as well as having a few underperforming staff at a club that was not near our home, meant I not only had a new project, I was doing other people's jobs for them -remotely.
Then throw the most involved school year I've had in quite a while, and kids in their activities, and well, that's my ranting for today....
Ok, I'll say one more thing. I've had such a hard time keeping up with housework and groceries, that one morning last week Raeley sent me a text (I was at a meeting) about how starving she was, so starving she couldn't study, no more school. I didn't respond, so she sent another one. Someone, please kidnap me and take me somewhere where there is good food to eat! I am so glad that she turns to humor and has such a good nature about our crazy life. I was at the grocery store by the time I got the second text, so grandma, you don't have to worry, she wasn't hungry long. It's pretty cool that I want to be more like my kids. They all have such great personalities.

So that still doesn't tell you what we have been up to!

The boys are still really enjoying boyscouts, and Raeley is doing Venturers again this year. Venturers is like boyscouts for guys and gals 14 and up, without the badges. It is a part of boyscouts. Raeley is taking dance again, and Cameron is in two dance classes and really enjoys them. She even practices at home! Hopefully we will be in town enough for her to participate in the Nutcracker this year.
The three older kids are all running cross country and Raeley and Robert have had 3 meets this season. Their last meet is this Saturday, and then there will continue to be 5 ks sprinkled throughout on Saturday mornings, which Jonathan participates in also. They really enjoy the social aspect of it, as they get to see their friends twice a week and also on weekends.

I don't think that the boys will do any other sports this year, and Cameron would love to be enrolled in gymnastics, but I can't fit anything else into our schedule. Raeley is also in Jr. Civitan and on Yearbook. Mark is teaching Raeley's Chemistry class and the boys have a science class at the same time also.

Our tutor is working out well, and that gives me a chance to visit the clubs once a week. Mark helps quite a bit in getting the kids to their after school activities. Sometimes I can even stay home when the tutor is here and get caught up on paperwork. Our operational assistant is working out well. Once training is complete with some new staff we have hired, I really think my life will slow down. Really, I do!

I have had such a great week with the kids thus far. It really makes me motivated to fire staff that are underperforming more quickly and replace them so I am not doing their jobs for them and can be more involved in school rather than just checking things off a list.

Mark and I had a great time backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. We hiked 33 miles in 3 days. The annual Anytime Fitness conference was also very good this year. Montana was a beautiful place and I felt so accomplished after the backpacking trip - it was amazing being surrounded by such beauty. Yellowstone was amazing also. Understatedly amazing. I had no idea a place like that existed on this earth. I can't wait to take the kids there.
Since I don't have time to post any photos, here is a link to our picasa album of the backpacking trip.