Friday, January 9, 2009

Aced the Cake!

Today I had a fun day making a fondant cake with a friend. Fondant is like playing with playdough and cookie dough all in one. For those of you who get any wild Ace of Cakes desires that hit you, here is a super easy recipe to make a cartoonish cake all your own. This website has the easy recipe that my friend Jennifer told me about, she helped me make my first fondant cake. I'm not known for being fast or neat, and it takes me about 5 hours per cake. But it's five hours of fun, and I don't do it in all one day.

The cake is for a Hollywood party, and I'm sure Auggie will one day remember the awesome cake I helped his mom make when he is a famous producer in Hollywood. It is for his birthday and to debut the film he has been working on for the past year! The cake is of a filmstrip - just in case you can't tell!

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weavermom said...

It looks great! I hope his film gets a good reception!!

I bookmarked the fondant link for "someday". :) Thanks!