Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolution #1

Did you know that the top three New Year Resolutions are about weight, money, and to stop smoking? I have mentioned quite a bit about New Year Resolutions since the 2009 (gotta love New Year Resolutions if you are in fitness!), but I haven't mentioned mine. I guess I fit into the top three on only one thing - kinda anyway. I like that. It means I'm not just like everyone else - kinda anyway.

I view resolutions more like goals than a firm resolve, anyway. I mean, come on, if I say I will exercise 4 days a week every week for three months, I would look for a way to blow it the first week. Then I would just give up.

All this blabbering and I still haven't told you my #1 goal. I want to look like I own a gym. After all, I mean I do own a few. I want to tone up. No other standard, no food deprivation, no set limits, no excuses. I'm just going to push myself a little more, make wiser food choices (bye-bye chocolate, bye-bye Starbucks!) and to be more consistant. Wow - that sounds good. I may work that into an ad! Anyway, to help keep me motivated, Mark bought me some awesome outfits. I can't believe how much that helps! Superficial and materialistic, I know, but hey, if it works.... after all, it's a pretty superficial goal anyway. At least I'm honest.

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