Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Make sure you hop over to McMamma's sight to have a good laugh at the other not me posts!

While playing with Polly Pockets, I didn't give my daughter fashion advice, keeping in mind that she's only five, and this should be a time of bonding and encouraging. I also didn't act territorial because her doll's shoes looked so much better with my doll's outfit!

After doing a mass printing for our business, I did not make 99 copies of dipthongs and digraphs(phontics, not fancy panties). Twice!

I did not lay in bed last night thinking about what to post, then forget after an extremely busy day. By the way, I didn't forget the package I was rushing to mail, arriving to the post office arms full of letters that needed stamps and to be sealed- to get in line before they locked the door. I didn't notice till time to pay I had forgotten the most important one!

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