Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post from last week

Here is a post I started last week. I was waiting to upload a photo Raeley took of the seedlings. Since then all but a few have died. So now I am posting without any photos. Why make old news even older? And why show off what is no longer? Although it is a pretty cool photo!

You should see how well the seedlings are doing. (Remember, that is from last week. Only a few remain alive.)

School has been going well. The boys have been writing a report so they have not been liking that too much. It was pretty disappointing when they both picked topics on Scandinavian topics and after working on the papers a few days, we went to the library and found ZERO information that was age appropriate. They both decided to switch topics and had to start over.
I jumped Cameron up to easy reader chapter books, and they are quite harder. I told her it was either that or more sam, pam, rat and pat. She now has a much better attitude about it being so much harder, and she is learning faster. Funny how that works.
Raeley, well I don't know when she does her work. She stays so busy. I guess she will do school all summer. She is really excelling at her new job. It, in itself, is a great learning experience.
That's about all with school.

On a personal note, we found a place to get raw cow milk. I am so, so, so excited!
The kids love it.