Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kid's goals for the New Year

I realized today that I didn't post the kids' New Year Resolutions.
I'll start with Cameron. She knew just what she needed to work on. She said that she wanted to do better at cleaning her room and to stop sucking her thumb. Her room, if she doesn't have any girlies up there playing, has stayed pretty clean. Her thumb, now that's a different story!
Jonathan wants to read his bible every day. He says he is doing pretty good on that, and his goal is to finish the New Testament in a year.
Robert wants to exercise more. To help him with that, when we started our new schedule, I included working out in the morning. It sure helps clear the grouchy bed heads! We are two for two days. No tears, but a few growls!
Raeley forgot what her New Year's resolution was. Oh well!

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