Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funny from the Kids

Jonathan was talking about a sirloin we were eating at dinner one night. It was a little too red for him, and he said, "Mom, I don't think this is medium rare, I think it's high rare!"

Robert was going to bed after a late night dinner due to deer hunting and having to skin a deer. I had cooked deer meat (we sound like quite the outdoorsy family, don't we?) and it was delicious! Hugging me goodnight, he said, "Mom, fixing that deer meat is something that will make me very happy, if you want to make me happy." He had a very serious look on his face.

Jonathan gave me a look that seemed disrespectful. For our sweet Jonathan, it came as quite a shock. He came up to me a few minutes later and said he really didn't mean to, he didn't realize he did it. He seemed very sincere and sorry. Cameron was standing there and said, "Besides, he can't see his face, he doesn't have a mirror. How does he know?"

Cameron received a robe for a Christmas gift. When she saw it, she lifted it up and said, "Oh look! a pajama coat!" I hadn't really thought of it like that before.

When my parents were in town visiting, my dad was helping Raeley with some math work. He asked her what the difference was between warm up and workout. She responded with "Well, at WalMart you walk all over the place, but in a workout, you stand in one place." We all just looked at each other. My dad, not known for his sharp hearing, asked her to repeat herself. She said it again, nonchalantly, lounging in the living room, long legs swinging off the side of the chair. Mom and I burst out laughing! Maybe she does do too many word problems!

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Kysha said...

LOL! Kids will say the funniest things.