Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

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I have had a pretty good week, so not to bore you, (Not Me!)I am going to relive a story I think about when I DO NOT NEED to laugh hysterically because I wouldn't do that at someone's expense, not me! We were looking at pictures from the past this weekend and it reminded me of a story when I was a little girl. When we traveled growing up, my mom would pack a lunch and we would eat at rest stops on the way. On one such stop, I don't know if you remember these or not, there were trash cans in the ground. You would step on the lever and the lid would pop open. I don't remember all the details, and due to the trauma, I don't ask (NOT because of my fear of uncontrollable laughter at the subject). All I remember is that I turn around and my sister is hanging by her armpits in the trash can in the ground. Screaming. And ants are crawling on her. Hanging by her armpits. Like a bobble head doll in a hole. Rest Area stops with picnics and green grass to run in were never as much fun after that. Too many ants.

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Mom To Six said...

Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard! I could just envision that although I must admit, I've never seen those "trash cans".