Tuesday, November 23, 2010

General Update November 2010

I guess my blog has become nothing more than a series of general updates. I had saved this blog as a draft back in November.

Cameron read her first real book the other day. We went to the library and she picked it out. Green Eggs and Ham. I love that book! I was tickled she picked that one as her first book. She still misses her neighborhood friend and her play days with other little girls are not as frequent as she would like. Sometimes she talks so much, it wears me out. A few weeks ago, her speech therapist left the meeting exhausted from Cameron's jabbering. I could identify with that look. Cameron told her "I don't know why I like to talk this much!" She enjoys cooking with me and a couple of time she has cooked recipes herself then asks someone to write them down for her in her recipe book. Unfortunately, she has forgotten to turn the eye of the stove off, so it's time for some boundaries!

The boys have improved in their writing skills. I think Jonathan only cries every other time I give him a writing assignment now. No, really. They have improved, especially Robert. He is quite vivid in his writing. They have also started reading more - thanks to their cousins encouraging them. They like Warriors, Percy Jackson, and Redwall series.

November is hunting season, so the days are measured in checking the weather and getting their work done as quickly as possible in the hopes that someone will drop them off in the woods. Hogs have moved onto the land, so Robert has been wanting to shoot me a hog, his latest obsession. His motivation is so I can have fresh ham for Thanksgiving, what a sweet sentiment! He really drops into a zone during hunting season. Jonathan just bears it as much as he can. He's very patient that way. Jonathan is still my biggest helper around the house. I say that, but it's really unfair to Raeley. She's so fast, I think I forget all she does for me. She's cleaning the kitchen for me as I type this. In 15 minutes she can turn our disheveled mess into an orderly environment - the disheveled mess being the entire downstairs.

We've been studying the war of 1812 for way too long. We are finally wrapping it up. Finally. We will spend a few more days to wrap up amphibians, and then on to the next unit - one of my favorites- American Tall Tales! This past unit made me miss Lewis and Clark, it was much more interesting. I did like Carry On Mr Bowditch, the book I read aloud to the kids. It was very inspiring and made me revisit the fact that the kids need to read more.

Raeley has finally gotten the hang of her days, getting through her school work faster, so we can work in some extra classes such as photography classes. She is still working on her photography. Her last expedition was a backpacking trip with the Venturers during the foliage. She took some great shots! She and Mark have joined a photography group here in Tupelo and he was very proud when he got home from the meeting. He got to show off her photos there and see everyone impressed with her talent and her youth.

As for work, I have focused my energy on only two clubs. We have replaced almost all the staff in those two clubs, it's like a staff renovation. I have been working to train them in their jobs, and I've spent far less time with them than they deserve, but they are doing a good job. We are still working on implementing the personal training program in the clubs, but I have bowed out with helping implement the training at the other clubs. I'm only overseeing the personal training with those two clubs. And planning the January advertising. I guess you could say, I'm setting boundaries for myself. I've paired down from 7 clubs to two.