Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Robert's Scavenger Hunt birthday party was Saturday and it was great fun! I will get more pictures later. It didn't take much planning on my part and didn't involve too much time keeping during the party so the kids had free time to play. Scavenger Hunts can be time consuming, but I got everything off the internet. We had two hunts, one around the neighborhood, and one around the house. Here's another link I liked but didn't use.

When I did the indoor hunt, I numbered the clues on the master sheet and under the #, I wrote the place before. Then I numbered the envelopes. On the back of the envelope, I put the place before because that is where the current clue is to be hidden, and put the clues inside. For instance, if a hiding place is the shower, and the next place is the garage, the clue with the write up for the garage will go into the envelope with shower written on the back. Because we had so many boys, I divided them up into teams, each team a color. I had two different "tracks" and the envelopes had either a blue or green star on them. I hid the clues when they were on the neighborhood scavanger hunt. The boys knew they could only open the envelopes with the right color star on them and with the numbers in the right order. They were timed on how fast they found all the clues.

For the party favors, I took another short cut. I just got a certificate from Baskin Robbins for each kid. The certificates come in $2 increments and the kids were so excited!

Stay tuned for pictures of the cake. It turned out great!

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E said...

We did a "family scavenger hunt" with another family at a huge mall in SanAntonio a few weeks ago. It was SO much fun even for the adults! I highly recommend it as a 'free' family activity on those cold days when you're bored and broke! =0)