Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny Figuring

We went out to dinner last night. You know how it is - I cleaned house all day (meaning picked up junk and rearranged it to make the house appear cleaner)and was not going to mess up the kitchen cooking. Mark's dad, Mitchell was working on the old homeplace so he drove over to eat with us. We ate outside to enjoy the nice weather and avoid the hour long wait but Cameron and Raeley were in short sleeves. PawPaw grabbed a few jackets out of the car to help them keep warm. I thought this was a cute picture!
When the waitress brought us drinks, she mixed up Cameron's sprite and Raeley's water. Raeley took a sip of her "water" (which she ordered as diet water - haha) and made a face -oh! not water! She doesn't like drinking high sugar drinks and carbonation which I attribute to all the hard work of the organic, no sugar diet she ate when a little one. At least, until #2 came along. Cameron missed that interaction because she took a sip of her sprite and made a face - oh! not sprite! She doesn't like drinking water which I attribute to all the convenience of the processed, high sugar diet she eats. Reality trumps ideals.
Back to the story, Raeley switched the drinks and several minutes later, Cameron said "I guess it needed to sit. It just wasn't ready yet." OK, that needed an explination. "The water is sprite now. I guess it just needed a little more time." Glad she figured that one out.

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