Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moms Night Out

I wish I would have looked at the street last night, because friends said they had to park at the end of the street and walk down to get to our house! We had a great mom's night last night, and although I only quickly did a head count, I think there were 30 women there. What was all the excitement about? We had the Queens there - Penny, the Coupon Queen, and Anita, the Batch Cooking Queen. If you are like my husband, asking "What is batch cooking?" it's cooking a lot of one dish at once. It's different from once a month cooking in that you don't cook lots of different meals, but when you cook one meal, you make a huge batch and divide it up. For instance, Anita makes her own spaghetti sauce but only cooks it two or three times a year. They eat spaghetti quite a bit, and she has a big family, so when I say batch, I mean think big. Both ladies gave us lots of great tips, inspiring us to be smart at the grocery store, stay organized, and save money! Penny doesn't cook lots at once, she buys lots at once, often getting stuff for free!
What did I take away from it all? I want a Bosch (whatever that is), it pays to be organized, and I'm missing a great opportunity not cooking in batches -it's REALLY easy! Anita freezes in her casserole dishes, novel idea. I may scout out the Salvation Army and garage sales for more dishes. Reality check, with what time? I'll ask Mark's parents to help out there!
Penney's great tips are all on her website. Click on the cents off banner at the bottom of her blog. No need to play the grocery game if you check her blog!
It was a great night, and good to see so many friends. If you haven't hung out with a friend in a while, just pick up the phone! Tonight was very easy to organize.

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