Thursday, February 12, 2009

Parkway Pregnancy Center

Mark and I attended the local pregnancy center banquet last night. We were a little involved with a pregnancy center in a major metro area where we used to live, so moving to a small town, their banquet was on a smaller scale. We were looking forward to the opportunity to see what services they offer. I was pleasantly surprised with how large the turnout was. When Mark and I were talking about the events of the evening, and how good it was to do something with a pregnancy center again, I made the comment, "Yeah, but I wish I knew more statistics. How many women did they help? How many women even pass through their doors?" Mark immediately replied back, "Does it matter if they save 100 or 300 or 500 babies? They are still saving babies." At that the tears fell from my eyes. Even if it's one baby, it's one sweet little life. I'm glad we went. I'm going to clean out the attic some and see what they can use. I can use more space, anyway. What can you do? Anyone can find a way to help.

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