Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy with work

Just wanted everyone to know that I have been very busy with work but I haven't forgotten about you. Did you notice my counter passed 1000 views? I'm excited about that, and I haven't checked in so long, that I missed it getting near the roll over!

I need to be more in touch with the business and I think that me stepping back in has been and will be a good thing. I guess I really needed the break, and I was even thinking that The Juggling Act wasn't as much of a good fit. Well, I'm back to juggling work and school again, and trying to fit life in there somewhere. I am also trying to find my new role as I visit the clubs. I think my role will be to make sure our staff have what they need on a marketing aspect. This takes planning and has quite a bit of responsibility because if I'm late or forget something, or don't plan far enough in advance, the marketing just doesn't happen.

I'm trying to think of any updates from the kids. Raeley really wants me to accelerate her school work so she can work ahead. She has a late birthday so she's the oldest in her grade and she wants to move up. I'm trying to wrap my brain around that since in homeschooling, I don't believe in firm grade lines anyway. It's more about expectations. I will be working with her more on Literature and Geography and encouraging her to read fictional books on a higher level. She's stopped reading the last three I got for her. I will be testing Robert and Raeley this year.

Cameron is really enjoying me reading aloud to her from The Little House in the Woods. We had to miss several nights. Oh, and she doesn't want to read for anyone but me. Power play at hand that we are working through.

Robert wrote a journal entry on how much he loves his new teacher, Mrs. Farmer. He really enjoys the new art class she's doing with them and he says that everyone loves Mrs. Farmer.

Jonathan has been working much better independently, which is good since I've been so busy lately. One thing that has helped has been the fact that he's out of long division and three digit multiplication right now.

Tonight was game night with the teens and tweens from the homeschool group and it was great seeing Raeley have fun with kids her age that are homeschooled, too. She doesn't get that alot and gets tired of feeling "different" which is important for a young lady her age. There was a good turn out and the parents had fun, too. Mark stayed home with the other kids and when I got back, he had no voice left. No, it wasn't from yelling at the kids!

On a sad note, our best friends here in Tupelo will be moving in a few months. We did lots of school stuff together, so we will REALLY miss them, and they are lots of fun! I am sad about that one.

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