Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Good Day at Work

It is nice after a long day of work to be able to sit down and put my thought down and visit my favorite blogs. Even if I don't have time to keep up with the real world face to face, I can still remotely connect. Today was a really good day, which was like a cool breeze on a muggy day. Because I forgot to set out soccer clothes before I went to bed, I left for work a little late but my meeting was rescheduled and everything just fell into place like clockwork. I even got to visit one of my favorite chiropractors, Dr. Wooten, in Russellville, AL. He has great rates and his staff also massages you before and after your adjustment. Nice touch!
Since my meeting was rescheduled, I also had a little extra time to stop by my father in law's work where he was grilling hamburgers, eat lunch and hang out with him, my sister in law Sandi, and their friends. I also made it by my mother in law's gallery to pick out a few frames for some artwork and visit with her for a minute, run upstairs to the loft to hug my brother in law. He was too busy to make it to lunch, and honestly, that made me feel better that other people are sometimes swamped, too.
It was nice to see family and have a great day with staff. The staff worked hard all week and made good progress. We had some creative ideas for the upcoming months and creative brainstorming sessions. Truly inspiring! It puts me in the mood to throw a party for them! I have some creative ideas for that, too. Oh, not to forget my husband, but he brought me flowers last night with a sweet card. For no particular reason. Wow. Did I mention it was a good day?

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