Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not Me Monday

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Do you ever cringe when your kids do something that affects their appearance? Do you put off family portraits for that reason? I didn't worry when I found a clump of my daughter's hair on the floor last night. I also didn't worry about it when I got a phone call from my daughter's friend's mom saying that she found some of my daughter's hair on the floor, but not to worry, she couldn't find where it was missing on her head. I forgot all about that conversation because she looked fine to me. UNTIL a month later when it looked like she had new baby hair growth at the top of her hair line. Upon further investigation, her friend cut her hair because it was too tangled. There were a few small clumps randomly cut in other places since it was tangled there, too. 4 months later she has bangs, not spiky wisps. Now this. The band was stuck. Big sis was busy, so hello scissors! I'm not worried.Do you ever have the urge, homeschool moms, to read as fast as you can when you read aloud to your kids? Not me! Or what about finding you are a month behind on grading? Or wait until the end of the semester to enter all the grades in? Oh wait, it's past the end of the semester. I better get busy!

Do you ever wonder if your kids notice when you ground them for not cleaning their rooms but theirs is cleaner than yours?

Just wondering if you do, but not me!


Doublebanker said...

I hate it when others cut hair...but I guess it would save ya the professional expense! :)

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I was a teacher and use to dread grading too.