Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baseball at MSU

Today we went to a Mississippi State baseball game to hang with my sister who lives in Lousianna. My brother in law's nephew was playing baseball and they came to see him. We all went out to eat afterwards, where this picture was taken. Rocky, brother of the baseball player, is in the picture, as is Grandaddy, Karen's husband's Bob's, father.
Funny Cameron!
We were at the very, very cold baseball game and Karen, Jonathan, Cameron and I left early because Karen felt Cameron's feet and they were freezing! So we headed to Barnes and Noble for a Starbucks. As we were trekking through the wind for the car, Cameron said, "My feet are so freezing, I can't move them! All I can do is pick them up to walk." When we got to the car, Cameron was playing with her fake pink cell phone. She said, "Mom, I need some more minutes for my cell phone. When can you buy me some more minutes?" She was such a trooper today. She only mentioned two times at the game that she was cold. When we were leaving, Cameron looked up at me and said, "I didn't get to hug Uncle Bob! I have to go find him!" I found that surprising because Cameron does not like to talk to people and did not talk to him all night, even though he tried several times to talk to her.
A little more about Grandaddy: Karen got married when I was around 8 years old. I feel like I grew up with her husband Bob's family. They are like family to me and they even came to my wedding, which was at Mississippi State. He is such a kind southern gentleman, and he always makes children feel so at ease. That's what I remember about him. I love it when my kids get to see him because he talks with them like I remember talking to him.

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