Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

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WOW, what a week I've had. lots of ammo for a Not Me post. I was in a mood last week, which, unfortuately coincided with Valentines Day. Oh well. Enjoy, and may we all have a better week!

I did not skip planning my sales meeting, ignore getting the #s for the week together, or put off grading school work and use that time to blog, watch tv,or play on the internet. That did not include looking up cool hotels for a vacation I might just not decide to go on in a few weeks. I don't need to get away, and Mark really doesn't! Vacations are a total waste of time. When we were discussing open weekends, I did not totally forget about the month of March, meaning we may go sooner than I thought we possibly could. Not Cool.

I did not get mad at Mark and gave him a card and gift for Valentine's Day. I also did not stop talking to him during dinner. Stay tuned for the make up for that one! After our romantic dinner, I did not ignore him at Barnes and Noble and then insist we go grocery shopping because my favorite web site alerted me to a too-good-to-pass-up-deal. My sweetie, choosing to let it affect him (Not-what a great guy!) quoted the David Letterman interview Joaquin Phoenix (which was so not funny. I did not watch it four times!) Sorry you couldn't make it tonight! HAHA! My frustrations did not stem from vain origins over him running late, leaving me to straighten my hair by myself. Being angry while straightening hair equals a wonderfully smooth job!

I did overextend myself and plan a birthday party for 20 boys and then plan a dinner party for an hour later, including a 93 year old woman, who although the party overlapped for 30 minutes, was so overwerwhelmed with the action, couldn't eat when dinner was ready. Brilliant! By the way, the birthday party was not cool at all, and was very difficult to plan. I am not patting myself on the back for that one and I'm not showing pictures of the cake to everyone.

This one takes the cake: I did not go to the wrong location for the basketball game, causing the team to forfeit. We did not have grandparents in town for the only game of the season they would be able to make. The kids did a scrimage and Robert scored a basket, but no real game for grandparents.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Great not me's! I am loving this Not Me stuff since I started last week. Free therapy!

Popping over via MckMama's.

E said...

This is my first time dropping by your blog, and I have to say "What a lovely family you have!"

Enjoyed your Not Me's!

weavermom said...

Oh, man! Sorry about the BB game! I hate it when I do stuff like that (which of course I NEVER do! - Not me!)