Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beginning My Journey

I am riding in a taxi on the way to my hotel. A few days of unknowns. I signed up for a Leadership Bootcamp. And knowing that Marty is leading it means it will be a bootcamp. Marty shoots it straight which I have always appreciated about him-I hope I will continue to after this week!
I don't know who will be there except for a friend who owns some clubs nearby - Cindy.
I dont know how I will get around- I didn't rent a car.
I don't have a schedule for the day.
I don't know what to expect.
Soon I will be checking into my hotel room and I hope some people are hanging out in the bar I think I will talk to everyone in there to see if they are here for the boot camp. Only 15 people per camp. How late are bars in hotels open anyway? It would be nice for my head to hit my pillow with at least a few of my wonderings answered.
but I'm excited!

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