Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Week

It is Christmas week and I said goodbye to my parents this morning. My mom got sick while she was here, which was a bummer, but I had to work quite a bit, so at least I didn't feel guilty. I am always melancholy after I say goodbye to my parents. We did a few fun things, the boys and my dad went hunting, we watched the boys play basketball, we went to The Grill for dinner. We will have to save the other plans for next visit when Mom will be more up for it. They are off to Branson for a Christmas with just the two of them. I got a little bit of baking done for the Christmas season. It is so short a time until Christmas that I don't even know where to start. The kids have Christmas ornaments to make, gifts to make, and we have Christmas gifts to wrap. I still haven't bought Mark a gift. Time is slipping by, so here is my what I want to do before Christmas list - survival guide style.

Read a Christmas book to Cameron every day
Bake a few more goodies and bring gifts to boy's coaches and scouts leaders
Find a devotional for the last few days before Christmas
Buy Mark a gift
Make gifts/ornaments
Wrap gifts
Bake for Christmas Eve dinner
Get house ready for guests
Do Christmas Cards (do I even dare wish this?)
Go to Cotton Plant for Christmas lights

Lists usually make me feel better, like everything is doable. Not this time.
Tuesday will have to be a very productive day for me.
It's about more than prioritizing. It's about what I really want to happen. What is really important?
Right now I'm off to find a devotional that ties into the great sermon this morning.

Oh, Yeah, Merry Christmas!

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