Monday, November 30, 2009

The Big City

I grew up in a big city, Houston, TX. I really like being in the big city - the opportunities, diversity, shopping, anonymity. I really don't like the highways and I hate the traffic. I felt like I have spent a lot of time in the car this trip.
I have had a great time this visit and although I feel like we have been away from home for so long, there is so much that I haven't done yet. One thing I have done - EAT. There are some great restaurants here and I feel that I have only just scratched the surface. Between the restaurants, my mom's cooking, and the holidays, I feel overloaded. I got to go to Hubble and Hudson, an exclusive grocery store today to pick up some fresh bread for dinner. Mmmm, samples! I learned today that they don't have this many samples all the time, only during holiday season. Funny since the last time I was there they had lots of samples also. Every time I visit (once or twice a year) I buy something I don't see very often. Last time I got lavender. This time I got Worcestershire powder.
It is so great to see my kids with their cousins and the friends they have had since they were little. It is so refreshing for me to visit with my sisters and my friends I have known for so long.
This was a working trip for Mark. He took off Thursday-Saturday for Thanksgiving, but I feel that I have hardly seen him. The good thing about what we do is that we can take our work with us, giving us more freedom. The bad thing about our work is that we can take it with us.
Tomorrow I start back to work. Actually, I will do some work tonight. Tomorrow night I will be flying to Minneapolis for a leadership bootcamp with work. It should be fun and a growing experience for me.
Mark does not like the big city. He reminds me every time I go out how terrible it is to be stuck in traffic. I must admit my mind keeps taking me back to our quaint neighborhood with the short drive to sport events and the grocery store. I do love the big city, though. And I love being with my family.

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