Friday, December 4, 2009

Bootcamp Day 2

Day two of Bootcamp focused on sales and evaluating competition, your market, and establishing your club in your market. We had more group activities and a scavenger hunt at the mall that evening. Our group won the scavenger hunt so we got $100 gift cards for Anytime Fitness apparel. The most interesting event of the evening was seeing Santa getting a manicure at the nail salon in the mall. Interesting, right? I thought so, too!
You know, the funny thing about team building activities is that you throw a bunch of adults together to do something they may not want to do or enjoy doing, you get them out of their comfort zone and give them an uncomfortable task. Sometimes it works and sometimes it falls flat. How can you tell what will happen with it? There are so many variables out of your control with adults.
I've been thinking about that because there were some things with the scavenger hunt that I didn't particularly enjoy. Was it successful? I won $100 bucks! That was cool, but did it build camaraderie?
One person in my group was also in my group for the last team building group I was a part of. Keep in mind that is very random for us to be together twice in a row out of all the other people there - even though it was only a one in three chance tonight.
Looking back over the last two team building events with Cindy, the gal that was in my group, I see a few things that stick out to me.
  • Some things can be fun even if they make you uncomfortable. However, some things you just won't enjoy.
  • Even if you don't enjoy it, if something humorous happens, you may start to enjoy it or handle it a lot better! Laughing is one of the fastest ways to overcome an uncomfortable situation and create a bonding experience.
  • Having to figure out something complex (higher level) gets your brains involved, isn't quite as dependent on chance, and sharpens your communication skills. Working out a problem together builds teamwork.
  • When opinions are involved, it's like a window into other people's brains. You start to understand how they work and what they think.
  • Did I mention laughter?
It was another great day.

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