Friday, December 11, 2009

Mishaps Cameron's style

Tonight when I went into the kitchen to cook dinner, I found the asparagus mutilated. Cameron had helped herself so she could feed the Christmas stuffed animals we have around the Christmas Tree. It was one of those times it was hard to keep a straight face when I addressed the issue with her. Man, that was such a good laugh!
So, we were filling in Raeley on the asparagus mutilation during dinner and a few minutes later Robert comes out of the bathroom - "Who refilled the soap dispenser with sunscreen?" Cameron finally spoke up. "Batty did it (Batty is her bat stuffed animal)." "Well, could you please ask Batty to show you which sunscreen he used?"
Oh boy! You never know what to expect with kids!

When I got home from taking Raeley to Hobby Lobby, I noticed Christmas Tree pieces on a paper plate. I came in the kitchen fussing (wink, wink) "Who left their lunch of Christmas Tree on the counter in the kitchen?" Cameron then wanted Christmas Tree for part of the dinner meal. I took a sprig of rosemary, soaked it in water, and put it on the fire of the grill. She thought that was hilarious but was disappointed when Christmas Tree wasn't a dish on the table.

She was smart tonight when we were playing Jenga. She showed complex problem solving skills, but she was so scared her hands were shaking when it was her turn!

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