Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm making a list...

Wow, you know, Santa has something right on about making a list and checking it twice. I had a great, very productive day today. I made my list, which I posted yesterday. I checked twice -several times in fact. I got so much accomplished. Now, the Christmas cards, keep holding your breath on that one. We just got back from a Christmas party, the kids are getting ready for bed, and then we are going to have Christmas devotionals. I spent time reading to Cameron today, and we made a Christmas ornament together. Once again she showed her problem solving skills by figuring out a better way to make the ornament than I was proposing. I also was able to spend time with Raeley, Robert, and Jonathan baking Christmas goodies. I tried to get them to make ornaments, too, but as Jonathan said, "It just doesn't feel like Christmas right now. It's sneaking up on me. Maybe I'll feel like it tomorrow."
Hmm, sometimes this season doesn't feel quite like Christmas yet either. I know for me, it's because I've been so busy with work. We've had lots of Hot Apple Cider, put up lots of decorations, listened to lots of Christmas music, seen lots of people. Hopefully pausing for the Christmas devotionals tonight will change that. It's time to change focus and slow down for an hour and be together -the just us family together.

So today was very productive. And that was with at least half a day of work. My list for tomorrow? You bet I'm making a list!
  • Finish up for work (hopefully, so I can have off till next Monday - Yay!)
  • Make a grocery list and go shopping for Christmas eve and Christmas day meal
  • Cook the cornbread and get the onions and celery ready for the dressing
  • Start on the homemade cinnamon rolls the kids have requested for Christmas morning (Anita - help!)
  • Finish holiday baking
  • Pass out gifts to Scout Leaders and Basketball Coaches
  • Plan after Christmas Party
  • Christmas Cards to staff at least!
  • Go to Cotton Plant (Not sure if it is a place or a town. Sounds like a place, but may be a town!) to see the lights. Anyone want to come?
  • Wrap gifts
  • Finish Christmas decorations before company comes in town
  • Gingerbread House (Kids have requested it - last year they didn't seem too excited so I thought we'd skip it this year. Wrong!)
  • Mundane cleaning stuff I won't bore you with
Now it's time for our Christmas devotional. Taking time out for the important stuff. Maybe I'll have time to read another book to Cameron, too!

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Anita said...

We actually use a pizza crust recipe for our cinnamon rolls. I will try to post it later. We need to make up several pans today....for Christmas morning here, to take to my mom's house for the weekend and for gift giving. We still have some shopping to do today as well.....and the LAUNDRY!!!