Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

was a very nice, relaxing, stay in your jammies all day type of day. My father in law texted us Christmas morning when the kids were ready to come downstairs and see what Santa brought. I woke up thinking, wow, pawpaw's gone all techy on us. Haha! Santa was spot-on this year. So were the parents and grandparents. It was so much fun to see how excited the kids were over their gifts.
It was great staying home all day, not having to go anywhere, having relatives drop in (and not even caring I was still in my jammies!) I did mop the kitchen floor and then felt bad, as it hit me that today was a day to honor the Lord and rest, to spend time with family and enjoy relaxing, not using the free time to get a little housework done. So I stopped and did something else I enjoyed- I did some cooking. I also took CJ on a two mile walk then soaked in a bubble bath.

We still have plenty of food, including a wonderful smoked turkey Audwin brought that was smoked in Tyler Texas. Gotta love that Texas barbeque! This morning, in between Santa gifts and other gifts, we ate the homemade cinnamon rolls I made and breakfast casserole. It was my first time to make cinnamon rolls, and oh my, they were SO good! Raeley hugged me last night when she realized I was up late (midnight) preparing the breakfast casserole - one of her favorites. The cinnamon rolls may be a new tradition!

My highlights were
  • seeing Cameron ride her bike through the house in a winter princess dress and a new babydoll in the front basket,
  • seeing the look of surprise on Mark's face when he opened both gifts from me, and were excited. Seldom am I able to think of something to get my husband that he really gets excited about. I did it this year!
  • Also, Jonathan following me around full of excitement (as I was looking for something for Cameron), talking on and on about all kinds of stuff.
  • Robert fooling with one of his new gadgets and impressing me with his quick knowledge of such objects.
  • Raeley enthralled in her new photography book and being super sweet and helpful all day long.
I must say that I am excited it's the weekend and I have a few more days to veg out and spend time with my family -lazy style! My goal is to play with all of their toys with them (except a few annoying wii games). And we still have more goodies to eat (cheese ball and the smoked turkey)!

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