Friday, December 25, 2009

A few funny Christmas things

  • Cameron was changing the clothes on her new babydoll and I was helping her, but it was difficult. She said - I know! I'll go get the constructions!
  • Santa had brought a gift for CJ. We let CJ in this morning so he could be downstairs when the kids came down. He hung out for a while then all of a sudden, grabbed something and excitedly headed to the back door. He came back and nuzzled Mark's hand for Mark to take him out. He had found his gift from Santa! It was chicken-scented.
  • I actually grabbed the video camera and did some videoing. I can't seem to remember that the green arrow means pause and the red dot means go. Red dot = stop in my mind. I filmed half of the time without the camera running. My family got used to me asking the same questions and re-filming the scene. Sigh. I got some really funny looks the first time I did it! We will see how my videoing turns out!
  • Mark asked Cameron if she had a good Christmas. She said, "UM, I had a medium Christmas." "Oh," Mark said, "Really? What do you mean?" "Well, I miss my best friend. If she had been here, it would have been fantastic!"

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