Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Report

Here is what we accomplished this week in school:

Bible: Characteristics of God vs Greek Mythology, memorizing Psalm 139
Writing: Olympic Events (boys) Who's Who of Greek Mythology (Raeley)
Language Arts: Myths - The kids turned a myth into a play.
Grammer: J lost his book so did review work, Rob - irregular verbs and review for verb test, Rae - limiting and descriptive adjectives
History: How Greek culture infiltrated the world through Alexander the Great conquering many nations and spreading what he loved from Greece; Peloponnesian War
Science: Parts of a cell
Project: Book of Creation
Math: intro to fractions - J, mixed fractions - Rob, exponential notation - Rae
Art: portraits, eye placement

Monday we spent the day in Birmingham - Mark took the kid to the science museum, which they said was GREAT! Raeley and I went shopping. Thursday we spent the morning helping Cameron learn her lines for the play. It was a hectic week in terms of school, but they are still talking about the Dialog in the Darkness exhibit and the Science Museum.

A day with Dad

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