Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dog story

While I was gone in Charleston, I got this email from my husband, Mark (CJ and Buster are our dogs):

Wow, CJ almost killed Buster just now. Luckily, I was still up (and even still had my shoes one) when I heard this horrible howling coming from the back yard. This was not your normal barking or howling, but a that of a real fight and pain!

When I got to the back door, I saw CJ swinging Buster around by his neck! I fumbled with the door locks in a panic and finally got outside to where they were wrestling around on the ground. I started yelling at CJ to let buster go, but it didn’t do any good. CJ was listening to me because he glanced at me, but kept swinging Buster by the neck…and then I realized that it was by his collar.

When I yelled again, CJ stopped moving long enough for me to stand over him and see what was wrong. CJ’s bottom canine tooth had gotten caught in Buster’s collar. Poor Buster was then all twisted up so that he was getting choked and could now barely breath. When I reached down to try and loosen him, something must have hurt CJ because he immediately bolted, Buster started yelping again and biting at CJ. The two were both in a panic and making things worse.

Again, I yelled at CJ to stop and this time straddled his back to hold him steady while I tried to loose Buster. It was scary, because both dogs were hurt and not sure what to do and I had to get pretty close to see what to do. A lucky tug on my part and CJ walked (sorta hopped) free and went back over to the porch. Buster, poor thing, just laid there while I checked his collar and made sure he was ok.

When I went back over to the porch, I checked both over as carefully as I could. Buster’s throat was drenched from CJ’s saliva, and CJ had some blood on his left cheek. I’m not sure if it was from CJ’s mouth or Buster’s paw, but there wasn’t too much of it. Both dogs were very subdued, and I got on to CJ a bit more. I think both knew they were in trouble and were sobered by the event.

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