Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costumes and Neigborhood Party

I am not a big proponent of Halloween. I do not like witches or anything evil and halloween personfies that. I do let my children go "trick or treating" and this year we had a neighborhood party. With Halloween on a Friday I thought this would give us a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors better. It worked out great and the hilight was bobbing for apples! Allie joined us again this year. My kids know that they can not wear any costume that supports the occult, but Raeley wanted to do a "traditional" costume and the ghost seemed like such a spoof with glow in the dark eyelashes. It fit her personally great! Robert was Indiana Jones, and Jonathan was Mutt, his son in the latest movie (although he was confused with Elvis a time or two). Cameron was Belle, and made such a lovely princess! Allie was Snow White, another beautiful princess!

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Denise said...

OK and so I am like who is the kid with the dark hair, a friend??? I love the costumes and I guess he is a friend but it is Jonathon - oh my gosh I have looked at this picture several times and thought it was Robert's friend or something!! Jonathon, you are too cute. All of you are cute of course.