Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prepping for the Holiday....sort of

It's a busy day! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we will be having company stay with us. I'm sitting down to get off my feet for a minute and catch my breath. I like to fit as much as I can into every opportunity, and although that's lots of fun, I tend to go too fast, and not plan enough. I won't have time to clean my house like I would like to before company gets here. I wanted things to look impressively clean - for two main reasons - because I will take time to visit with family and relax and I would love to look around and know that I wiped every windowsill and vacuumed all the dust bunnies up, that's honestly the main reason. I really do love a clean house although it's obviously and usually not my top priority. The second reason is, well, because I'm having company! I'm hoping to at least get the sheets washed and put on the beds! But today has been a fun, full day.

We are doing unit studies this year, and at the end of every unit study, we have a big feast. Since we are at the end of a unit, and family will be in for the holidays, I decided to have the feast during lunch on Saturday. So, instead of cooking for Thanksgiving, I am cooking for our feast. I have invited around 20 people over for it. Everyone is bringing something, but there are a few things I wanted the kids to experience, so I am doing more than I intended to. It usually takes us a good four days to wrap up our school work, put the finishing touches on our projects, and prepare for the feast. We will do it in two days, and throw 4 more kids into the mix! Our friends, the Huffmans, will be participating in some of the events.

Check out the masks they made for the play they will be performing! We also made Greek cookies and an appetizer with cheese and phyllo dough. I've always wanted to cook with phyllo dough before.

I will say I picked easy recipes for Thanksgiving. I'm making celery stuffed pimento and cheese and ice box pie. I'll do those in the morning and maybe I'll get enough done tonight to have a slow, relaxing morning. Hey, I can always hope, can't I?

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