Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

I am one of those crazy people who thinks it is fun to wake up before the sun and stand in claustrophobic, unending lines to save a few bucks. Every year I drag my husband with me and he asks me the same questions. How much money are you spending? Is it really worth it? I got up yesturday and drug my husband and listened to his questions. I have fun doing it. So he dropped me off at WalMart and was off to McDonalds before coming back and secure our place in line. Then I saw the line. and I couldn't even walk around the store very quickly. The big ticket item I was after was already gone, and I decided the $4 jeans probably were, too. So I called Mark and had him leave his place in line at McDonalds to pick me up. I convinced him that my mental sanity trumped his hunger pains. So he dropped me off at Toys R Us and left to get back in line at McDonalds. Well, this place wasn't much better. I should have run out of the store flailing my arms and sat with him at McDonalds, enjoying the morning with my husband. But that would have been fanatsy, because reality was that I was determined to find some kind of great deal. Not only do I find bargain hunting fun, OK, addicting, but I had to redeem myself to my precious husband since he is such a good sport to suffer through the torture with me. Could you imaging hating the kind of black friday environment (which I cringe to think about because Toys R Us and Walmart were unbearable without the rush of really getting a good deal) and still doing it? What a great guy.

Back to Toys R Us - I should have known not to stay when there were no shopping carts! I grabbed a few of the items I wanted and decided to get in line until Mark came back since I couldn't carry anything else. I was waiting for 30 minutes to save $15. Seriously. And other deals were possibly being compromised, so I walked out.

On to JC Penny. I didn't get many Christmas presents there, but I did find clothes for my children that I got great deals on! I did get a few gifts, and I use the great deals at Christmas for birthday presents as well. I finally had to call Mark (he was standing in line at Best Buy) to help me because I was so tired from carrying the bags around! And I had a few more things to buy that I just couldn't carry. I did my damage there! I think I will stick to the mall in 2010 (I don't attempt Black Friday in Houston TX. Way too many people). This year some of the stores had a total discount over your entire purchase. Pretty cool.

Then we went back to WalMart and happened to get there as the clerks were restocking items around the store that were part of the specials yet were for some reason not bought. I ended up getting a few of the things I wanted (still saved less than $50) and there was no line. This was all by noon. Pretty productive day. I love good deals! My friend, Penny, has a website that is teaching me lots of great tips on getting good deals.

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