Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just my week so far....

Rambling thoughts about my week. We made a very last minute decision to go to Atlanta. We needed some things from IKEA, and we did pretty good not loading up with lots of things we didn't need :) There was an exhibit there I wanted to see, and I thought, big city, Christmas shopping! WOOOO - I know, you are impressed! I planned ahead and actually thought about not waiting till the last minute. I wonder if I really will get those Christmas cards out? I really do love big cities. They have the BEST Target there. My town does not have a Target. So we had stressful, try to make the best of it, kinda fun trip to Atlanta. I got to see my Uncle George and cousin Ron and family for a short time. The kids were way overextended. But we went, we saw, we shopped.

Mark and the kids unloaded the car when we got home. I went to get the dogs and stop by the grocery store. When I got back, I remembered some of the Christmas gifts I had bought. I was looking for the bag and curious if the kids looked in it. Finally I saw the bag on our bed and quizzed the kids as to who put it there. No one admitted to it, so I took that as a good sign. A few minutes later, Cameron came bounding into the room with a Disney Princess Wii game. "Look what daddy bought me!" The little curious trickster had gone to look in the bag! Why didn't I see that coming? "No honey," I said, cringing, as I knew I was about to burst her 0h-so-happy bubble. "This was your Christmas present from MawMaw and PawPaw. I guess I'll have to take it back to the store!" Oh, the silence. Oh, the stillness. Oh, how we tried not to laugh. But we understood the gravity of disappointment. Maybe Santa will bring her one just like it. But duh moment for me. Why did I think a bag on our bed would be ignored by the kids in the house? I know sometimes I just don't think.

So we are back in town and getting everything back on schedule (in my dreams maybe...) but there is hope for me yet. I went to bed early last night so I could wake up and work out. I cooked dinner early tonight so the kids could get in bed at a decent time. They even did homework - a concept they can't quite grasp being homeschooled. They cleaned their rooms and we also played a game together as a family. By the way- Mark is sick to his stomach and even played with us in between bouts of running to the bathroom. Yes, it's that bad. Everything went great (except for Mark), but now it's past my self appointed bedtime. I HAD to get caught up on my blogs.

Side rambling before I head to bed. I was reflecting on some memories during our beautiful drive to Atlanta and realized that in way too many of my special memories I have been so dog-tired! I am going to try to plan my day better to get more sleep. I don't want life to pass me by and only be half awake for it. One reason for the fewer posts as of late. Goodnight!


Kysha said...

Not overspending in Atlanta is very hard to do. Ha!

I hope Mark is feeling better soon. I had to chuckle at the Christmas gift story. I could just imagine that look. BTW, I'm getting over a little bug myself but the children are suppose to visit the Natural Science Museum in Jackson on Friday. Your gang is more than welcome to tag a long if you like.

Kysha said...

I forgot to add that we may stay over. My hubby has a conference there the same time.