Friday, November 21, 2008

Integrity (or lack thereof)

I am waiting on my husband to get an email off his chest so we can go work out. I understand why he has to do it. It is an employee issue of the worst kind because it involves integrity. It would continue to mull in his mind.
I usually don't put anything on here about work since it it quite a possibility that my staff may read the blog but I am sitting here waiting for him, I don't want to go outside and play with the dogs (too cold), or clean the house (too mundane), so I thought I would vent.
Let me start off by saying that we have a great team of staff working for us right now, the best we have ever had. Many are new because recently we have had several employee issues that we have unfortunately had to deal with. All because of a lack of integrity.
We had one employee blind sight us by going to work for a competitor. I wish I could tell you what else he did. Your mouth would drop open, and you'd be picking it up off the floor. We also had one, possibly two employees steal a significant amount of money from us. Another employee, when he knew he wouldn't be staying around, was making all kinds of "deals" with people who would sign up with us. Then he was very angry that we did not give him a parting bonus!

Did you know that there is a man who's business decisions revolve around putting us out of business at two of our locations? He is known to be an untrustworthy man. He is so bothered by our existence that he followed our new area manager to a gas station and when he found out her connection to us, offered her a job on the spot - not knowing anything else about her. Cornered her at a gas station! I am chuckling that I described him as an untrustworthy man. Some people reading this would be angry that I characterized him that way, for he is scum and that was way-too-pretty.
No one likes to be targeted or taken advantage of, but to me it runs even deeper than that. It's an issue of integrity.

Gee, look at the time. I guess we won't go work out this morning. I'm going to do yoga with my wonderful daughter and then fix me a cup of coffee instead.


Stacy said...

Just vent Kristi!! It helps relieve stress. It is amazing adults with a lack of integrity...or morals. The older I get the more you are just shocked at people's actions. Praying Gods blessings on your business and your family! You are a sweet crew!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A lot more than exercising is going on there! I pray that you have a stress free weekend and coffee does sound great right about now. :)