Monday, November 17, 2008

Kenya Blog by Ryan

My nephew Ryan is in Kenya, Africa on a short term medical missionary stint. He will be there 3 months. He has a blog about it and his posts are great! Check it out at

A little about Ryan: He is taking time off in between college and med school for this mission trip. He enjoys working out and eating healthy which I find inspiring in my line of work! Don't let his big frame intimidate you, he's the sweetest guy, and he's very thoughtful of his mom and his Mema. He is active and enjoys a good game of hoops.

Ryan was supposed to leave a few months ago, but a truck ran over his foot (a drunk guy backing up into a crowd of people in a parking lot) and he had to have surgery three days before he was to leave. We will miss having him home for the holidays, but he was determined not to put his trip off any longer to the dismay of his mom. Since I haven't seen him off crutches, I picture him hobbling around in a third world country (sigh). I have been assured that he and his ankle are doing just fine. Even so, there he is, in Africa, braving the green mumba snakes on a bum ankle. Oh well, he probably couldn't dart from one even if he had a healthy ankle! (sorry for the brute honesty Denise!)

Pray for him as he works in the hospital; not to get sick while working on the sick, not to get malaria, to be safe from snakes and other poisonous beings, and for his ankle not to bother him.

Love you, Ryan!

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