Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greek Feast

We had quite a houseful for the Greek Feast. There were 13 adults and 7 children. Last meal we all sat at one table and talked about the culture, what they ate, a typical day, and what my kids had learned. That may have been my favorite part of the whole dinner. This meal the kids came in ( we had two tables for adults and the kids ate in the other room) and stood in a line and we asked thm questions. They didn't do so well. It felt like we were baraging them with questions. They didn't quote their memory work from Psalms 139, and Robert had memorized all 24 verses. I also forgot to set out all of their projects. Before we sat down to eat, after appetizers, the kids performed their play. It was a big hit! I wanted them to have fun and not be nervous, so I didn't have them memorize the lines. One of the families we invited to the dinner also participated in the play and making masks for the play. We had to make a few last minute changes because Auggie was sick, so Robert ended up having more parts. He was the narrator, and to introduce the play, he froze. He didn't want to pop out on stage and start talking. All the kids got nervous, and froze a little. I thought that was really cute.

Here are the projects we did with this unit:
7 days of creation book
body/body organs picture
looked at cells in a microscope (Thanks, Jane!)
cells study
FREE elections lapbook
made clay Greek vases
wrote and acted out a play on a Greek Myth
made masks for the play

The food was great and we all had a lots of fun.
Here is the menu:
Tiropites (cheese filled filo pastry)
Melitzanosalata (grilled eggplant dip)
Tzaziki (yogurt and garlic dip)
Main Course
Greek Salad
Moussaka (Greek casserole layered with eggplant, ground beef, and cream sauce)
Pitas stuffed with meat and tzaziki
Koulouria (Butter Cookies twisted into braids or figure 8's)

Here is the website where I got many of my recipes.


Kysha said...

That sounds sooomyummy!

weavermom said...

Sounds like fun!!

Raeley said...

The Greek feast was fun!