Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Weekly Review

Boy did we have a lazy week! Monday I crashed from getting in late Sunday night. Tuesday I worked all day, and Wednesday I crashed from that! Thursday was co-op and Friday was a lazy rainy day. The kids kept up with their individual assignments and we covered almost all of history and science for the day. I am hoping to finish up what we lacked tomorrow (Saturday) morning, but no promises!

History - the boys are still constructing a model of Jamestown. We studied about Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan this week. They started an Indian notebook.
Science - insects, mainly wings and antennae. The boys made some great drawing of wings.
Math - Robert - ratios, Jonathan - order of operations, Cameron - simple addition
Language Arts - Cameron is learning a new poem and did a narration on Pocahontas.
The boys are covering prepositions.
For a lazy week we still covered quite a bit! Raeley is still on her own exclusively, and I am two weeks behind on grading, so I'm not quite sure what she's been up to.

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