Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Week In Review

Oops! I meant to post this on Friday!
Our week has been so busy that I hardly remember school, even though we have covered quite a bit.


Robert is working on symmetry

Jonathan is working on value placement and estimating (rounding up)

Cameron is on numbers 5-9

Raeley is getting too complicated for me to put into words. I just grade her work and send her to dad if she gets more than two wrong in a section. We will just leave it at that!

Language Arts-

took a break this week with the boys

Cameron is working on description words and narration


insects! The boys started work on their bug collection.


finishing up writing projects from the last few weeks

1st week of writing class and it went great!

Raeley is having writers block on contrasting how the Pilgrims are similar/different from Christians today. I love those higher level thinking questions!


Jamestown and John Smith. He was a very interesting character! The boys started working on a model of Jamestown.

Raeley is covering the Pilgrims.

The boys started Spelling Zoo, a new curriculum for us and it's been good so far!

Did I forget something? It's been busy!

Next week we will only have school a little bit. My parents are coming in town (yay!) on Tuesday. I remembered about some books I bought to supplement our curriculum that a friend of mine, Anita, mentioned on her blog, so they will catch up on that and do math next week. Mark and I have our annual conference with Anytime Fitness and we will be at a very nice resort, that our franchise has entirely to ourselves. I am so looking forward to it! I have quite a long agenda on what I want to gain from it.

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