Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just an Update

You know how you have so much of life packed into such a short time that it seems like such a LONG time over which the events happened? That's where I am right now. Life right now is so jam-packed full, it's hard to find time to keep current.

We are having fun with school, having fun with after school activities, and are glad that even though we feel water logged, the rain has kept us from some after school activities so we can rest a little.

The kids are doing great. Raeley is babysitting more, and doing a fantastic job. Cameron is plugging along at school with a happy attitude, and the boys are getting along well and keeping up with school.
This past week my parents came in to take care of the kids while Mark and I had a conference with work. While they were here, Big Daddy and Robert built a hermit crab cage. It is a great looking cage! Big Daddy and Jonathan worked on the ladder for his loft bed that had broken, and worked on a scouting badge. I enjoyed walking around the house looking at all the things my dad fixed while I was away!

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