Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Anytime Fitness Conference

John and Shawn working hard for the team!
Our new, cool t shirts. Work Ethic! Wanna buy one?

Leadership Challenge: One morning I took some time from the talks to go on a leadership challenge course. In addition to it being so much fun, I got to interact with other owners and staff on a different level. I really feel like I know these people more, have a respect for them, and appreciate their contribution to our team. Simple but profound. When you work with people to accomplish a goal, it brings you closer together. I am pondering how I can instill this in my life on a daily basis with my staff and also with my family.

The fun stuff: Bull riding, cowboy hats and expressa capes, slow dancing with Mark, creative videos from Corporate staff, being challenged, remembering what makes things work, parties every night and after parties if you dare, dancing in the bar, Chuck trying to buy the dj's time and only getting 20 minutes! Amanda: "think hot!" Tattoos, European eye drops, Genesis, Chris, and the guy on the couch, late night talks.
Leadership course: purple rocks, the wall, the catepillar, the log, the ropes.
Our roomies: dinner in the winery with good friends; crazy Suchecki; the gate story, and seeing Kelly act it out, laughing till I cry because of Greenburg.
Allen in a robe at the banquet, seeing good friends, the gruve, and don't forget - smiling when you talk!

The member success stories were great. You can see the member success stories here. And while you are checking that out, look at the video of Mark and I from a few years back.

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Denise said...

Rewatched the video - so cool! Kids look so young!