Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anytime Fitness Conference

We always have a great time at conference! This year we didn't bring our camera (our kids had dibs for a wedding), so I don't have many pictures.
Great topics - this being my 5th year (I haven't missed a year - my claim to fame!) I was looking for something different. The first three years didn't seem to have much variety. I was pleasantly surprised by the different offerings!

Interacting with Corporate Staff - We walk into the resort and see all of the staff in skirts -guys included! The conference had a Scottish theme and they had a video of Corporate staff acting like Braveheart with Mel Gibson. It was motivational and hilarious! A poignant reminder of the creative masterminds behind our franchise.

Interacting with other club owners - One of the best resources of conference is the interaction with people in the same situation you are in, facing some of the same struggles and victories, and what a great way to network with them. I have more people now that I want to interact with throughout the year.

Motivation and Rejuvenation - This is worth it's weight in gold. I felt that over the past few months my focus had shifted off of what was important for the profitability of my business. I saw some areas that I have been neglecting in my business, and areas I needed to improve in. I felt refreshed walking into my clubs - and overwhelmed to be honest with you.
I have a new perspective on my role with our business. I felt my job description was fluid. Honestly, I can't change my role because I have different priorities, I need to change my time management. My level of importance on the things I defined as fluid is what made them fluid. I don't feel discouraged over this revelation, which I thought I would. I feel like I have a better vision because I am seeing my personal situation as it really is, not how I want it. It doesn't mean I have to work harder or longer, I just have to work on the right things.

Anytime Health and The Gruve - Keeps me moving! Technological advances abound.

More fun stuff for later and maybe I can scrounge up more photos!

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