Friday, September 11, 2009

Boys- I love my boys!

My boys have been cracking me up lately. I'll start with Cameron, though. Yesterday she burst into the room, hands on her hips. "MOOOMMM! Jonathan pushed me! I saw him do it!" Yeah, don't you usually see him? You probably felt him do it.

Boys, pushing, yelling, wrestling. Robert and Jonathan have been getting along pretty well and they have been all boy. School is off to a great start, and they have been so full of energy. I have them in two sports and so far it has been worth it because they are having a great time. Robert constantly has a ball in his hand it seems and he's been chunking it up the stairs - he can stand there for a while and toss it up there. I've walked into rooms only to have a ball soar at my head. That I'm not too crazy about. I also am constantly hearing the dribble of a ball or balls hitting the side of the house.

And then there's the bugs. We are doing an insect collection in Science and several times a day I have to check out the latest bugs. How awesome it is for them to be able to play with bugs, look under rocks, inspect plants as a school assignment. "But mom, I am doing school!" I do have to check the plastic containers on the kitchen counters because no telling what will be in them. The last one I picked up had a wasp.

Just a few minutes ago Jonathan yelled in the door "Robert, hurry and come out to play with the dogs before it stops raining! Hmm, it's usually the other way around, but not with boys! Right now they are having a spitting contest in the rain. On my back porch. Oh well, the rain will wash it off. Now they are playing with a broken whiffle bat, they were throwing the pieces at each other. Now they are trying to bat with the handle and hit the top. This really is play by play. Oh my, I hope Gardenias aren't poisonous. They just picked some blooms off and are tasting the ends of the petals like honeysuckles. Now Robert has Jonathan in a headlock and is holding him down so Buster can lick all over his face. Jonathan spits on Robert to retaliate. Now Robet has Jonathan by the feet (Jonathan was laying on the ground playing with the dogs) and is pulling him up concrete steps. Didn't work (good thing - I was holding by breath on that one!) They are laughing. No one is mad yet. That has turned into wrestling, Jonathan is putting in some good moves on Robert now. This play by play is entertaining. I guess the rain wasn't enough. They are spraying the dogs with a water hose. The dogs aren't liking it. Now they are splasing in the puddles on the porch. Jonathan is pretending to spray me with water through the window.

My boys are full of energy, laughter, and noise and are always looking for a challenge.

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