Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day Back to School

I wasn't ready and I'm OK with that. I was ready enough for TODAY. Next week or the week after we will be in full swing. That gives me a little more time to think of something fun to start the year off with. I also haven't ordered the math books yet (oops! It just slippped my mind). Today was fun and we did everything I had planned with the boys, which is really impressive considering we started late and have misplaced some of the books.
I thought I knew where all the books were, but I have lost Cameron's reading book. I'm sure it's here somewhere and I am hoping we can find it tonight because her other reading book is BORING! I can't believe I made Raeley read every page. But you know, it was part of the curriculum. And back then I couldn't imaging not doing every page. I might miss something.
We didn't start school till 11 because I had to drop Mark off at the airport. I left the boys with work to look over so they'd be ready when I got home.
Well, I'm not actually finished for today. After the reading lesson with Cameron, we did a game then she needed a break, so hopefully I'll get a little more in tonight. Also, Raeley asked to finish her work tonight because her friends from the neighborhood came over to hang out. I'll give her that freedom and see how she steps up to the plate.
I must admit, at one point during the day I had to take a break and lay on the bed to calm down. When sports start up, I am dreading what our day will look like.
Tonight is leftovers so I have some time to finish preparing for the school year we have already started. But first I'll go to WalMart because my labeler stopped working and I don't want to hand write on their notebooks and divider tabs. I feel like it's my luxury. Maybe one day I'll even invest in an automatic pencil sharpener. Then I'll really feel spoiled!
As I said, we started school, and I wasn't ready, but we started anyway, and just like last year (remember this post? My first one?!!) it went just fine.

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weavermom said...

Why, Kristie, I have no idea how you feel. *wink

We started last week. Last week I was relatively prepared for. Tomorrow, not a bit. *sigh