Sunday, August 3, 2008

First day of homeschooling - Ready or Not!

I have been excited about this day all summer. The first day of school, starting things off right, throwing my heart into it, working less, and homeschooling more. I love the curriculum I have chosen, and I have been looking forward to getting started ever since it arrived in May. I have slowly been working to get my chaotic life organized. Only problem is, I took too many vacations this summer to really get any substansial amount of work done. Truth be told, I only decided on Saturday that we would start on Monday. So, ready or not, here we go!
As you can see by the pictures, not many books made it on the bookshelves. Notice the fabric samples on the orange wall? I was hoping to have the curtains done this summer. My outlook, I need to do a little bit each day on getting organized, and forgive myself for not meeting my goals of organization this summer.

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