Monday, August 17, 2009

Revisions to my food plan

After emailing my food plan to a personal trainer whose opinion I value and whose knowledge of all such training matters I highly respect, I am making a few revisions. I didn't expect to go into this much of a "training" mode, but I've NEVER done it before so I figured now was as good a time as any. He made a few suggestions which are more strict than I was looking at doing, but I've decided to give it my best shot. Here is what he said:

After 3 pm or after your last snack, for you to not take in any sugar or alcohol (I know, I know, but this will work!)

My suggestion is simply a protein and a vegetable at night for dinner. If you have sugar it will simply be stored exactly where you don't want it too.

Water is your choice for a beverage.

If you could eliminate all simple sugar (fruits, candy, refined breads, etc) no matter what time of day, this would include anything that contains sugar as well(sauces like spaghetti sauce,etc) your results will come much faster!

If this is too hard start with just afternoons /evening and eventually reduce your intake of sugar throughout the day. Some people will go into it too Gung Ho and not like it and give up. Just be patient.

Start with this and you will notice a difference withing 4 weeks if you are very strict. The stricter you are the better results you will have. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yeah, I thought, my question is, what is there left to eat? I'm just joking, God has given us abundant resources! I don't know if I can cut out fruit though. I love fruit! But I will limit it to one piece a day. I am going to take some supplements to support good yeast in my system and really watch refined sugar and bread products to strengthen my good yeast versus bad yeast ratio. I might even do the plain chicken breast and a veggie for dinner as much as I can bear. I've seen so many of our personal trainers eat like that through the years.

I also went to the gym tonight when the kids were getting ready for bed. I missed all of their excuses to prolong the process, and got to have some time to myself watching Mystery Diagnosis while I got more cardio in. I could get into the routine of that!

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