Thursday, August 20, 2009

A typical day for us

About this picture - I asked the kids to take a picture for the blog of what they were working on during read aloud time. I was hoping for them in the picture. Oh well.

A typical day for us, this week anyway:

So we have almost completed two weeks of school and here is our daily routine right now. We have not added all of our curriculum yet, as I find it takes a little while for the kids to get used to the routine. I am not waking the kids up early - we try to start by 9:30, so they get to sleep in. We do our Bible lesson if Cameron is awake (which she usually isn't) so we haven't gotten Bible in every day. Then we start with History, Science, and writing, our unit study. I have been doubling up on that since we aren't doing all of our subjects - but don't tell the boys. While I read aloud, the kids have things to work on, such as crochet or legos. Cameron has an art project to do during this time. While the boys work on Math, I work on Cameron's reading lesson. We are using Bob books and Sonlight readers until she gets the letters she's already learned down before we pick up 100 Easy Lessons again. Next week we will add in spelling and increase their math lessons. The next week we will add in Language Arts and Typing. The cool thing is that the kids do really well easing into school like this and they are having fun. We are covering oceans and explorers and we finished reading Swiss Family Robinson today. My goal this year - to work more on making school fun rather than just checking the assignments off the daily list. My other goal - to have them learn on their own by investigating and narrating to me what they have found by looking through books, encyclopedias, and websites. Then they tell dad over dinner what they discovered that day.
Oh, and Raeley? Well, she works all day long up in her room, doing her work independently. She loves being on her own. I'm giving her a few weeks to figure out how she wants her schedule then I will review it with her. She works much better if she can plan out her day. So far she really likes the Sonlight curriculum she's using.

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