Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jonathan's birthday party

Double Digits! Do you remember what a big deal turning 10 is? Jonathan's request was that we be in Tupelo for his birthday. We had his party on his birthday at Tombigbee State Park. Very cool to have the party at a remote location. Easy clean up! The party's theme was Wipeout, from the reality tv show with the big red balls. The invitations were cool- we stuffed the invitations into red balloons and put a note in the envelope that said to get the invitation, pop the red balloon.
The theme continued at the party with an obstacle course
that started at the monkey bars,
with ropes to walk across
and swing on,
with large slip and slides to slide on
and to crawl up,
hidden balls in shaving cream,
and spider webs to crawl through.
Martha and Mitchell, Mark's parents, were able to come and Mitchell grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs for us. we had another treat for the party. My friend Carmen and her kids came for Jonathan's party all the way from Hattiesburg!

Other highlights from the party: shaving cream fights, disc golf, and water balloons!

Noah made Jonathan a very cool gift. Those are the best gifts!

Just in case you are wondering, we had three or four tries for the cake. Jonathan wanted to make his cake, and original plan was for it to look like a big red ball (get the theme?). When he dumped the cake out of the pan, however, it didn't hold together. Since we had company in town (the Huffmans), we didn't do anything special, just a cake with candles. The company was worth not spending hours on a cake! The other tries? I won't bore you with the details. They were tasty, though! So much for the tradition of birthday kid and mom with a really cool cake. Didn't happen this year for him!


Anita said...

My baby girl turned 10 this year as well. They grow up quickly, don't they?

Kimberly said...

What a COOL Party! I think I might have to copy this one! My kids LOVE that show! Happy birthday J!

Kysha said...

My gang had so much fun! Thanks again for letting us join in the celebration. Oh, I signed up for Netflix too! :)

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