Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The things you can learn from kid movies...

I was watching part of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium with the kids today and I found one scene very profound. It's what Magorium said about dying. Shakespeare announced King Lear's death with "He died." You would think Shakespeare, the master of weaving words, would be wrought with wisdom and wonder in bringing us into the event of the King's death.
As Magorium expressed, the eloquence in that is everyone dies. Simple in the sense that we always know it is going to happen to everyone one day. It's not the death we are sad about, it's what happens before the death that makes the death so sad. It's the way the life was lived.
Then the page is turned and a new story is begun. Everyone involved has new beginnings. It gave me comfort as I think of my cousin's wife, Tina, and their children. They are sad, but they have a new beginning and their story can be a good one. The pages are blank, waiting to be filled, and there can be grand stories to fill them. Tina is a great lady and she will write great things on those pages. I'm sure they will be tainted with sorrow, but perhaps the sorrow will make the good parts sweeter.
I really liked the movie. It was filled with imagination and great for children's minds. Perhaps one day I will be able to watch the whole thing!

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