Saturday, October 4, 2008

Egyptian Finale and 3 course meal

Tonight Raeley Robert and Jonathan welcomed my parents and Mark into the land of Ancient Egypt with art reliefs, pyramids, and authentic food. There were lots of questions and did you know statements throughout the evening. We forgot to do several items that we had planned on doing, but with only a little bit of prep time on Wednesday, I was very proud of how well the children did. I appreciated all the help my mom was in the kitchen and there was way too much food! The menu was taken from the curriculum we use, and it consisted of Lentil soup, barley cakes, fresh melons, figs, onions, leeks and cucumbers for the first course. The discussion consisted of the culture of Egypt, primarily the food they ate. There was a nice interlude of scripture quoting from the kids, and it was followed by barley casserole, lamb meatballs, asparagus, and potato hash. The course of discussion centered around the climate of Egypt and deserts. It was all followed up with Honey Cake which was not too sweet, so we broke from traditional Ancient Egypt and added icing. The course of discussion was the history and rule of the pharohs. It was a great evening. I must say, however, I am thrilled that our next unit it Ancient Greece. I'm going to start researching good greek restaurants in the area for our Greece finale!


weavermom said...

Looks like fun!!!

Mrs. Woody said...

I am sure that your guests were totally impressed! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful, Kristie. The food sounds so delish. I know your gang had a lot of fun.